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Outdoor Workout

My Online Coaching package is designed with your convenience and progress in mind. Created for athletes, amateurs, long-time fitness enthusiasts, and active individuals eager to elevate their performance in sports and activities.


With full access to a personalized workout plan, you can now achieve your fitness goals from any location, whether it's at another gym while travelling, or working out on your own. We'll also take a closer look at your routine through a tracking sheet to monitor your overall progress.

This coaching journey will be grounded in continuous progress and success. Weekly check-ins will allow us to stay connected, review your progress, and make prompt adjustments based on your feedback. We'll work on building positive habits for sustainable and long-term success.

What Sets This Program Apart:

1. Tailored Approach: My coaching isn't one-size-fits-all. I'll create a customized workout program just for you, addressing your unique goals, preferences, and fitness level.

2. Comprehensive Tracking: Imagine having a detailed spreadsheet at your fingertips, allowing you to monitor key aspects of your life – steps, sleep, stress, macros, cardio time, workout details, and more. This comprehensive tracking system ensures a holistic view of your fitness journey.


3. Interactive Execution: You won't be alone on this journey. Execute your workouts, record them, and share videos with me throughout the week. 


4. Weekly Check-In Journal: Your personalized "Weekly Check-In" spreadsheet serves as a dedicated moment for reflection. Revise your week, identify successes, and pinpoint areas for improvement. 


5. Expert Feedback: Once a week, I'll dive into your exercise videos and Weekly Check-In. You'll receive a personalized reply video with my expert insights, tips, adjustments, and encouragement.

Book your virtual discovery call now, and let's map out the path to your peak performance!

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